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1. Stainless steel material inside ensures it has excellent stability.
2. Sterile design can prevent the tattoo pigment from flowing back and cross infection of bacteria.
3. Special transmission structure makes the rotating speed without installing needle reach to 35000 rpm, which is more durable.
4. Length of needle head and rotating speed are adjustable.
5. Can lock needle automatically, which is safe to use.
6. Noise is lower than 15 dB.
7. Light weight and anti-slip handle are easy to grip.
8. Suitable for eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattoo.
9. Suitable for eyebrows, eyeliner,lip,also for small tattoo design.
10. Adjust needle length exactly, perfect to control out of needle length.0mm~2mm available

Digital Permanent Makeup Pen Machine

SKU: PMUMachineblk