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  • Function: For single use only.Suitable for the tattoo pen.Excellent stability, less vibration.The needles are sharp and elastic.Make the eyebrows beautiful, the standard size fits almost all tattoo pens.
  • Safe material: Not easy to rust, prevents skin infection, stainless steel material has excellent stability and less vibration, which is durable and safe to use.
  • Best accessories: the needles can be used with an eyebrow tattoo pencil for permanent make-up.Compatible with 3D microblading pens.Excellent stability, less vibration.
  • Suitable: Sharp and fine tips can create natural and beautiful eyebrows.Suitable for precise make-up and less eyebrows.Suitable for thick eyebrows and less eyebrows.Suitable for natural eyebrow makeup.
  • Disposable item: Stainless steel material is light and stable corrosion-resistant, which can create a safe and healthy environment for tattoo work.Disposable items for single use only.

Professional PMU Sharply Needles (100Pc)

PriceFrom ₹1,000.00

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